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I ‘m giving up drinking Coca Cola for political reasons. I even wrote in past blogs how much I enjoy drinking it with certain dishes. My Kindergarten teacher tried her best to dissuade our class back in 1969 from drinking Coca Cola. She dissolved a baby tooth in a large glass bottle. It disintegrated about 20 minutes later. Because my mother was an extreme health food nut, I didn’t drink sodas until I was a teenager. My pathetic love of sugar was/is a sad & stupid rebellion against my mother. Everything she taught me about nutrition turned out to be the truth. I need to give up sodas and sugary drinks entirely. They are so bad for the body. I know this. I’m working it on it. Slowly. Baby Steps. That’s me- 5 planets in Taurus- the slow moving woman. Eventually I get to my goals. It just takes me longer than most people.
My birthday was Mother’s day. This year I had two birthday dinners. The first being the night before at a wonderful seafood restaurant ( I’m keeping the name to myself). Raw oyster variety platter, lobster bisque and fried soft shell crab in a wonderful lemon butter sauce. Everything was excellent. The next night ( my real birthday), I decided to have pate with crackers, cornichon, olives, Humboldt Fog Cheese, French bread, a simple green salad with my special homemade salad dressing and pommes frites ( French fries) cooked in duck fat. Yes I said Duck fat.

I had been consumed with finding duck fat after reading Ruth Reichl’s book GARLIC AND SAPPHIRES. I asked at one of the farmer’s markets I shop at if they carried duck fat. They did not. This led me on a journey to find duck fat in Philadelphia. At first I went to the internet and quickly found a site in Florida that sell duck and goose fat but they wanted about $9 plus shipping for 7 ounces. I figured 7 ounces wouldn’t be enough. A friend mentioned checking Asssouline & Ting- a shop in downtown Philadelphia that sells caviar. I went to their website and my friend was absolutely right- they sell duck fat and get this in 6 lb tubs! The price for 6 lbs is $30. So much cheaper than the Florida site and local. I ended up driving to their warehouse ( getting lost- thank you Map Quest) and finally getting the the big plastic tub of fat. I made the French fries from Russet Potatoes- rinsed out the starch and flavored them with salt from the Camargue. I decided to go all out and made a aioli ( garlic mayonaise) to dip the fries into. Heaven. I have frozen the rest of the huge tub of Duck Fat. I haven’t decided upon its future.

Last Weekend I went to visit a friend in NYC. We went to see the Takashi Murakami show at the Brooklyn Museum. While I like some of Mr. Murakami’s images ( the 60s Mod pop art smiling flowers and his wild cartoons), I was dismayed to see lots of little kids at the show. His work aside from the smiling flowers, was very adult in nature. I am not going to write about it . No I am definitely not a prude ( see my work) but even my friend (who is a teacher) felt the show was inappropriate for small children. We wandered around Brooklyn. I just adore Brooklyn. We stopped in ONE GIRL COOKIES and had hot chocolate topped with huge homemade marshmallows and assortment of their cookies. I love the lemon cookies the best- oh yes and the brownies-sinful! Full of butter. I had a difficult time not buying anything in FLIGHT 001 but eventually caved in at EXIT 9 and bought some very cool change purses and a much needed wallet. I love NYC ( of course). My friend has a miracle. The force of the shower reminds me of the hose they spray the elephants with at the zoo. My body and aura was clean in about 10 seconds. No joke. My friend could charge people lots of money to spend 10 seconds in the miracle shower. I wish I had that kind of water pressure.

I had promised my friend that I would cook when I stayed over. We went to Union Square farmer’s market so I could buy the ingredients for the meal. I decided to make my friend a dish I call ” P.M.S. Pasta”- which I created several months ago during that time of the month. The night I created the dish I was craving a creamy pasta dish. I like Trader Joe’s Frozen Mac N’ Cheese but sometimes it can be too cheesy and salty for my palate. Originally I used pancetta but at the market I opted for lamb sausage flavored with fresh rosemary. The recipe appears below. Once again I am sharing this recipe freely but it is my own invention.

Katie Pfeiffer’s P.M.S. Pasta- Great Any time of the month!

Serves 2 to 3 people

*8 oz package Fettucine ( you need a wide noodle for the sauce of the dish)- I like to use Spinach Fettucine

*4 Tablespoons Olive Oil

*small onion chopped fine

*3 cloves garlic finely mined

*1/4 lb pancetta or bacon diced (can substitute sausage)

*1/2 stick of unsalted butter ( you may add more if you wish)

*small basket of cherry tomatoes sliced in quarters

*1 Cup Heavy Cream OR 1/2 Cup of Heavy Cream +1/2 Half N Half

*small bag of baby spinach- washed- if the spinach has stems please remove them

*1/4 cup grated Parmesean or Pecorino or any other good Italian hard

cheese you would usually top pasta with.

*1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

*Freshly cracked pepper

Prepare pot cook the pasta. Get the water simmering almost boiling. Wait to cook pasta when the sauce is almost done.

In a skillet heat olive oil on medium high heat. add garlic. Saute for a couple of minutes, add onions. Saute approximately 5 to 8 minutes. Add diced pancetta. Cook until pancetta is done. Add butter. Add cherry tomatoes. Cook about 2 minutes. Add cream. Cook another 5 minutes. Add spinach. Add grated cheese, red pepper flakes, cracked ground pepper ( to taste). Turn the sauce down LOW or off.

Follow the directions for cooking the Fettucine. I like my pasta al dente. Drain pasta and add pasta to the skillet of sauce thoroughly coating the pasta.

Serve with hot crusty French or Italian bread.

This pasta is obviously not low cal but I figure it is full of iron and calcium.


DVD Recommendation:

A must see documentary for all artists is “THE CATS OF MIRIKITANI“. This documentary is about a woman who befriends an elderly Japanese Artist who is homeless. I have to say this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is bursting with Buddhist themes and shows how love and kindness transforms and unites people. I think this documentary should be shown in every public school to everyone. Life changing. Life affirming. Wonderful!

Other Treasure Hunts or Material THINGS I’m Currently Obsessed with ( besides cooking with duck fat):

1. Vintage reading glasses from the 50s/60s– really difficult to find even on eBAY. I’m talking about the plastic kind made in Japan and also the half glasses plastic.

2. Vintage Overalls- I just bought a fabulous pair of vintage never worn U.S.A. made Osh Kosh Men’s Railroad Stripe overalls- they are a wee bit big but I love them anyway. I’m tempted not paint in them but probably will.

3. Hee Haw Overalls in my size. I have a friend who has a pair of these and wears them to work. Finding them in adult sizes ( on eBAY) is tough.

4. Asian Noodle Dishes– I just bought a book on Asian Noodle dishes ( used) and was hoping it would fulfill my desire to find the right cookbook that has the kind of noodle dishes and noodle soups I’m looking to make at home. I enjoy eating at a nearby upscale Asian restaurant but they charge $10 for a small dish of lo Mein or Chow Fun!

5. Latvian Artist Janis Tidemanis- ( Oct 1, 1897- April 12, 1964)- His Artwork is

incredible. I swoon and salivate over it. Mr. Tidemanis spent time in the U.S. studying art. If you do an internet search you will see examples of his work. Incredible. Stunning.

6.  BIGELOW’S CONSTANT COMMENT GREEN TEA- I ‘m off the coffee train
once again ( I managed to stay off it for 7 months and then fell off the wagon.  I am back drinking Green Tea.  I loved Constant Comment when I was  young- the orange, cloves and other spices.   I went through a box last week.  I keep buying out the stock from one of my Super Markets.  Tried to find  it NYC for my friend- went to several stores.   You can order this on the internet.  Excellent with honey or sugar- brings out the flavor of the oranges and spices.

Tashi Delek,


My Dog is Way Cuter Than Your Baby Painting

Happy May Day! May is my favorite month- o.k. I love this month because it’s my birthday month.

Several weeks ago I went to get my driver’s license renewed. Of course they asked me on the touch screen if I wanted to be an organ donor. I said yes.

I recently read about a man who just committed suicide. He had received the heart many years ago from a much younger man who had committed suicide too. That coincidence was odd. What was very weird about the story was the second man ending up marrying the widow of the man whose heart he had received. Man number one also drank beer. Man number two never drank beer until after receiving man#1’s heart- then he got a craving for beer. There is a phenomenon called “cell memory” where the organ of someone has things stored in it like pain, happiness, cravings etc.The recipient of an organ transplant will frequently take on the characteristics of the previous person the organ originally came from.

Heaven help the person or persons who receive my organs. They will develop a craving for Disco music, Red Vines, Korean fried chicken. They will get weird food cravings, decide to cook the food they are craving and after all that, not want to eat it in the end. They won’t put up with people who are posers. They will have a love of animals, astrology and want to spend lots of time in nature, etc. etc.

A few years ago I went on a trip to New Orleans and stopped in THE BOTTOM OF THE CUP TEA ROOM – a famous psychic parlor in the French quarter. The woman who read my tarot cards told me I was living out an Asian past life in this lifetime ( I BELIEVE IT!). What is odd is when my mother was pregnant with me ( back in the 60s), she couldn’t eat Chinese food. Then, one day she and my father were taking a walk and she suddenly developed a craving for Chinese food. Unfortunately, on the way to the restaurant my mother started having labor pains. 24 hours later, I was born via C- Section. My birthday is coming up very soon. I can’t believe I’m going to be 44. Thank God my family has great genes. I’m not one of those women who lie about my age or who fake things. I bought myself an early birthday present- a Tempurpedic Symphony Memory foam Pillow ( it retails for $99 but with a 20% coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond it ends up being around $84 with tax). I had been sleeping on a cheaper neck memory foam pillow which I had bought years ago for half the price. It was terrible. I thought I was being clever-saving some money buying a different brand ( not Tempurpedic). Big mistake! sometimes you have to spend money for quality items. Just in the last few days, I have been sleeping so much better.

Speaking of food, I finally was able to satisfy an obsession ( of sorts). It started last year when I read about OREOs Cereal (POST) on AMAZON dot com. Amazon for those of you who don’t know have a large grocery section of various food products. I ‘m not a huge cereal lover but sometimes I get a crunchy craving or a sweet/crunchy craving. As I was surfing the various cereals, I discovered Kellogg’s Fruit Harvest with Strawberries and blueberries. Amazon sells this cereal – a 4 pack for $15.05 plus shipping. I went on a fruitless search ( no pun intended) to all the local grocery stores. No luck. On Saturday, I just happened to be at a Walmart and found it. I have to agree with the reviewers on Amazon- it is really good- sweet and crunchy. As for the Post’s brand of Oreo’s cereal, I found that at my local Rite Aid. Soon after, they either sold out or stopped carrying Oreo’s cereal. It is a great cereal- especially if you get weird cravings. The cereal kind of tastes like a hard, crunchy not-too-sweet brownie. With whole organic milk it is divine. A great PMS food!

I also made my first batch of Koolickles. Koolickles are dill pickles soaked in Kool Aid- it is a Southern thing. I know it sounds yucky but the taste sensation of sweet, sour and crunchy is great. I got the recipe off the internet. I felt bad about using Kool -Aid because it is full of red dye number two. I probably could have substituted kool aid with a natural jello mix, sugar and a strawberry oil flavor or something along those lines. I probably won’t be making Koolickles again for a long time ( as I do suffer from allergies and I usually avoid foods with dye in them) but it was fun making them. The longer ( more days) they soak the better. The recipe says soak them for at least 24 hours but I would advise soaking them for at least 72 hours before eating.

Today- April 30th I just listed a new painting on eBAY. I am loading up a photo of it to this blog. The title is ” MY DOG IS WAY CUTER THAN YOUR BABY”. This painting is inspired by a real life event . A friend build and stretched the canvas. I used acrlic paints and Deco paint pens . If the painting doesn’t sell, I will be happy to keep it. It is very cool ( in my opinion). Little Miss Sunshine is on her way to fame and fortune as a painting I made of her ( not this one) will be exhibited this summer in a gallery. I am so proud of her.

Well I was going to give some film and DVD recommendations here but I will save it for the next blog.

Tashi Delek,