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His Holiness with the VolunteersHis Holiness, The Dalai LamaThis is a blog in progress. Too much has happened lately to write about everything right now. I just volunteered for a 6 day teaching by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama on the Lam rim Chen Mo – The Great Treatise. I love His Holiness. I am not going to keep my devotion to him a secret. I think he is wonderful. The teachings were fascinating but the time spent at Lehigh University became a life lessons of sorts for me. Many internal issues surfaced for me while giving service. Issues that I thought I had resolved, old ghosts, fears, hopes, dreams, ideas. At first, my emotions started to plummet but then I realized a golden opportunity was being offered to me. By applying the daily sessions from the teachings , I started to focus in on the present moment. I discovered much of the mental and emotional drama that was plaguing me was just coming from my mind. It wasn’t real. I felt my higher self fusing my ego with kindness and acceptance. All the crap that was initially stirred up evaporated very quickly.
For those of you who know me, I draw everywhere I go- before a film, a play, a music event, burlesque shows, lectures, in cafes, on trains and planes, waiting in a doctor’s office, in restaurants etc. These teachings gave me bursts of creative ideas. I had the experience of a lifetime. I believe now everything and everyone prospers me and I prosper everything and everyone.

On the last day of the teachings, His Holiness took photos of each group which worked at the event. He walked up to our group of Volunteers and grabbed by hands with his left hand. I felt a warm buzz. I have to say this day was one of the best in my life so far.

I’m wearing the black glasses tired but happy surrounded by some of the volunteers.

I will be making paintings based on my drawings and text and updating this blog in the next few weeks.

There are some people I am so glad are on this planet spreading their love & healing to others . His Holiness, to me is one of those special beings.

Tashi Delek,


P.S. One of my newest addictions is Edys All Natural Frozen Fruit Bars. I have a great neighbor who introduced me a few months ago . I haven’t tried all the flavors yet because I just love Tangerine and the creamy coconut too much. It is definitely making my summer a happy one. I love ice cream ( who doesn’t) and this is a nice lower calorie substitute plus it is non dairy. I have been seriously cutting down on the dairy. If you love frozen treats you will love this product!

PPS. I am also loving Amber Waves Bakery Strawberry- Rhubarb pie. All their pies are great that I have tried so far but the Strawberry- Rhubarb pie is out of this world.