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April 10. 2012

My blog continues with a focus on Taurus related stuff. Since Venus the planet of love and beauty rules Taurus and I have 5 planets in Taurus in my 7th house of marriage and partnerships, I want to mention some great books about relationships. These books are mostly geared towards relationships between men and women.

The first book I want to mention is A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love into Your Life by Jessica Shepherd. I was shocked,delighted and relieved to finally find this book. This book is the REAL DEAL as it helps the reader on their journey to finding true love. I have read so many crappy self help books targeting desperate women wanting a male loaded with pure bullshit advice. Forget any other book you’ve read and buy this book right now! Love is a journey and sometimes the road is rocky. It is a journey that involves self reflection and honesty. Bottom line, love is an inside job. Ms. Shepherd discusses how so many women just accept whatever male crosses their path for a long term relationship and in many cases marriage. Ultimately accepting whatever crosses your path ends up hurting the woman. Love is not a consolation prize. Relationships are sacred. I personally know of several women who have entered into relationships with men because of convenience. Sadly, these women had low self esteem and really felt like they didn’t deserve to have someone they really liked. Several of these women experience abuse, cheating or major disappointment. Ms. Shepherd lays out the groundwork to change one’s belief and patterns concerning relationships and attraction. I have received a fortune (from a fortune cookie) on several occasions which reads ” Our first and last love is self love”. So True. So True.

Let’s say you are a single woman ( working on self) and of course dating men. This next book
is a wonderful book for the woman who knows a little bit about astrology and isn’t quite sure about the man she is dating.He’s Just Not in the Stars: Wicked Astrology and Uncensored Advice for Getting the (Almost) Perfect Guy by Jenni Kosarin is a wonderful book for the woman who is dating or looking for love. If you understand the basic planets and can figure out where the man you’re dating has his Sun (easy) and Venus in his chart, you will learn the way he operates and how he views women.I really do believe this book will help women avoid Mr. Wrong.

The last book I want to mention is North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose by Elizabeth Spring M.A. I discovered Ms. Spring on the internet when I was searching for information on Plutonian based relationships ( see my poem “GROUNDHOG DAY” in a previous blog for that relationship). Ms. Spring has helped me understand my problematic Plutonian relationship. I finally bought this book on North Nodes which makes my situation crystal clear ( at least to me). This book is for the person who has studied astrology and has a basic understanding of their own astrological chart. This is a great book which explores past lives and karmic relationships.

Since I’m on the subject of books. Here are two more of my favorite books. One is a children’s book The Thank-You Book by Francoise. I found this book in a used bookstore many years ago. Francoise ( whose full name is Francoise Seignobosc) wrote and illustrated a number of books that are for both children and adults. THE THANK YOU BOOK is the original book about gratitude. New Age authors are all now scrambling to write and publish books about the subject of being grateful. You only need this book. This is the kind of book anyone of any age can enjoy.

The last book I’m going to mention is another one of my most treasured possessions. Leaves in the Sun by Yuki was written in 1971 by a young Japanese man named Yuki. The book goes beyond Haiku. With it’s simple line drawings,this book expresses longing,loneliness,hope,joy and love. This book is romantic without being sappy. It reminds me of a good Beatles song you listen to over and over and never get tired of hearing. This book makes my heart soar every time I read it. Both these books make great presents to loved ones of any age or sex.


 May  is my favorite month.   I 'm a  Taurus  and proud of it.   I'm so Taurus- five planets in Taurus.  To many, that  might mean I'm stubborn.  I like to think of myself as cautious or slow to change.  I can and do change.   Recently, I have  had a major change of heart about Indian food.  I had some unpleasant Indian food experiences when I was  young and decided I did not like the spices.  Well in the last 3 months, I have done a one eighty and now I  am loving Indian food.  I mentioned Chana Masala ( Chickpea stew) in my  last entry.  Tonight I   finally made a fantastic mango lassi ( yogurt drink)   after three attempts .  Mango lassi  is a nice love drink.  Made with  fresh mango & cardamon, I added a dash of Vanilla extract.  I  also used the plain lassi   (base drink)  from Trader Joes.  Add some sugar and blend  for  30 seconds.   My next  step is going to making homemade chutneys.  After years- no make that decades of fearing the idea of gardening, have finally started  a tiny herb garden.   I 'm always buying basil and it is  time for me to grow my own.  


After seeing the  Korean film POETRY last month ( twice), I started thinking about  writing poetry again.   A week later I saw a notice at one of the libraries in my area for a poetry slam.  In my personal life, I'm dealing with a few people  with whom I'm having serious communication problems.  I  guess I could write yet another letter to the Universe and offer it up as a prayer.   Since my art  comes from my life and personal experiences, I decided  that  I was going to write poems  instead.  I also wrote  a poem about  my  relationship with sugar ( a very dysfunctional one).   The event was video taped and is on the internet so there is no  point in me hiding  what I wrote.   My purpose for attending and participating in the poetry  slam was to speak my truth  out loud  and  release the  pent- up feelings  that have festered  because I cannot communicate with certain people.  I look  at the poetry reading as public purging of  my personal demons.   This is my personal journey with  Pluto at the moment.  It is all about communication; writing and speaking my truth as a way to step into  the light from the darkness.  More therapy- awesome! The healing journey continues.  Therapy and I get fame too.  Definitely a win-win situation ( ha,ha).


It is obvious  that I love films ( movies).   I like to think it may be for this  secret I 'm about to reveal ( although  I don't think there really is a correlation) .   My paternal grandmother ( whom I named  after and died of breast cancer two years before I was born), had someone who was madly in love with her and wanted to marry her.  The person was Louis B. Mayer ( before he  moved out to California).  My grandmother didn't marry him  but married my grandfather instead.  My grandfather was a French and Spanish teacher at Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx.  When he passed away in 1974 from a brain tumor, they dedicated a wing of the  school in his name.  I  interacted with my grandfather a few times when I was young. In my opinion, he resembled Louis B. Mayer.  Interesting.   Speaking of  the film industry, I  loved the HBO documentary HIS WAY  about legendary film producer Jerry Weintraub.   The best part of the documentary was the shocking twist  about his love life.  Mr. Weintraub is a great salesman  but his greatest score is definitely his love life.    He may be the envy of most men in America.  After seeing the documentary I ran to  google Mr. Weintraub and find out his  astrological sign.   He's a  Libra so  he is naturally very charming and graceful.  Libra, an air sign  have the gift of gab.  



 For the following original poems by me  here is an Artistic Disclaimer from me, Katie Pfeiffer :

Any  resemblance, likeness or similarity to any real or living person or persons is purely coincidental






Groundhog day

At the post office 

Cupid is in the air


I feel him

Cinnamon infused

Body,breath & hair

Yet something’s amiss

Squirrels dance in my tummy

 I walk out,

Crash into you

My head

Your chest

Here you are

The Karma King


King of Cups & Hearts

Cancer man

Broad shoulders

Brown eyes

Hold my hand

Not a handshake

An electric shock


Thru my body

Angels,flowers and hearts

Swirl around your head


I unintentionally

Spit on you

Groundhog Day

Just like the movie

Obviously our karma

Isn’t finished

Round & round we go

What’s the lesson?

Still don’t know.



——Katie Pfeiffer 



Copyright 2011 Katie Pfeiffer All Rights Reserved




Sugar you are not my friend

You tease and taunt me

Seduce my tastebuds

You promise me energy

But I always end up crashing

Fill me with dreams 

But I’m left with empty calories

and body fat

Sugar I love you 

Why are you so cruel?

You mess with mind

Appear in many guises

Pastel colors & pretty packages

You lie still

Wait for me

You know I’m weak

Especially during that

time of the month

You know I crave you

You’ve got the power

Chocolate crunchy

Creamy smooth

You are everywhere

but you are nothing

I’m addicted to you

Sugar, you Devil

Why can’t you just 

leave me in peace?

I’ve tried so many times

to end our relationship

but I keep coming back


———Katie Pfeiffer

            April 20, 2011

Copyright 2011 Katie Pfeiffer All Rights Reserved















The Saturday  four o'clock showing  of  the Korean  film POETRY at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute on March  26, 2011  was no ordinary screening to me . By the time the ending credits rolled, I was literally on the floor sobbing the  big ugly cry. What was even more tragic than my tears, was the  absence of emotion from the little old white haired Mainline  ladies  slowly walking up the aisle giving me a passing glance of  mild disgust.  as they teetered past my seat.   Maybe  they   didn't understood  the  film. I know for a fact the director of the theater didn't. She introduced the film and said that the director ( Lee Chang -Dong) " enjoyed luxuriating in the mysteries of the film". She then corrected that sentence with the statement ,"luxuriate isn't the right word".  POETRY isn't  about a mystery or mysteries. There was nothing vague or ambiguous about the story.  The film is about  mysteries being revealed in a  major way to the main character- an elderly woman named  Mrs. Yang (   played brilliantly by Yoon Jeong-hee).   Mrs. Yang  has a just one goal- to enroll in a poetry class and learn how to write a poem.   Yet  if I had to assign an astrological planet to represent  this film it would have to be  Pluto .   I know  the idea of writing poetry is very Venuian ( Venus- the planet of love and beauty ) .  I mean  that's probably what you are thinking.  Yet  the foundation of   Mrs. Yang 's  seemingly stable world  is on the verge of collapse; a sure sign of Pluto's presence.   Pluto  is the planet  that rules deep and hidden issues.  When  the reality of these  issues   ( or secrets) comes to the surface either intentionally or unintentionally, the results are explosive and chaotic.  Change  arrives.  All that was is now swept away in the rage of  this planet's destruction.  Destruction  then clears the debris .  The slate is wiped clean.    Mrs. Yang's goal  to  write just one poem opens up a Pandora's box which  cannot be closed. I went back and  watched the film again a few days later.  Unfortunately, the film has  already   disappeared from the theater  ( it was there for only a week) .  Lee Chang-Dong  wrote and directed  POETRY . I consider this film to be a masterpiece.  I know it has recently won  awards at  a few film festivals around the world.   I'm not certain of  its timing to be considered for next years Academy Awards.   It  deserves  to  win  best foreign Film.  If it were up to me I would give it  an  Oscar  for best film -period.   I  wept as much   seeing it the second time as the first.  Days later, the film stayed in my psyche.  It unleashed  feelings within me that have been buried.  Instead of pushing away my sadness, I allowed myself to be.   POETRY  has become a catalyst for me in many ways, the ripples of which are just starting to emerge.   I wasn't surprised to find out Lee Chang-Dong was born on  July 4, 1954 (  astrological sign: Cancer).  Cancers are one of the most emotionally  sensitive signs of the zodiac.   Thank you Lee Chang-Dong for changing my world!  


And speaking of  change,  after  almost  forty years of having an aversion to Indian  food, I recently gave it another chance and now  I'm  a changed woman.  Blame my five planets in Taurus ( read: stubborn- o.k. very stubborn) for  my slow response to  change.  Oh sure over the years I have eaten curry rice and curry chicken but  no one could convince me to set foot in an Indian restaurant (  until recently).  Despite my long standing rejection of Indian cuisine, I  have always  been attracted  to  Indian culture.  I enjoy exploring  Little India in NYC.  I was   giddy with joy when I discovered  A light  up Lakshmi ( Laxmi) Goddess Altar  that plays twenty  Bahjans ( devotional chants) to the Goddess of Love and money in an Indian Bazaar as well as a wall full of  exotically scented Indian soaps- Cinnamon, musk and clove for a  dollar each.  I enjoy watching Indian films (  and I'm  slightly  embarassed to admit I love Bollywood musicals).  Indian textiles, clothing and colors catapult me into a creative frenzy.  And I love tooling around in my car chanting ( off key) to  George Harrison's Goddess chants; Govinda Jaya Jaya.     I'm obsessively  addicted  now to Chana Masala (  chickpea stew).  It is vegetarian, inexpensive, healthy, tasty and  I think it may be helping  to dissipate  my perimenopausal hot flashes.  I found a recipe online but have modified it by  introducing a can of vegetable broth.   I also recommend eating  Chana masala  like a chutney; thickly spread  over a  flour tortiilla  topped with a fried egg.  Heaven ! I'm telling you it is so good.

In addition to Chana  masala,  I'm   addicted to  two Indian food products.  I can't  tell you where I'm buying MAYA KAIMAL SPICY KETCHUP locally because I promised to keep it a secret  to the person who   turned me on to it ( it is available online).     I can only eat this ketchup  now;   regular ketchup tastes like crap to me now .  It is excellent on eggs and  french fries and  it is perfect on TRADER JOES VEGETABLE MASALA BURGERS ( in the frozen food  section at Trader Joes).  scrambled eggs with  the  vegetable masala burgers topped with spicy ketchup= perfect.


Now back to mysteries or rather one  mystery in my life which has been solved.  Ed Basner, the  artist of the  small zen rock sculptures ( as I labelled  them), contacted me last July.   I did my best to solve the mystery myself.  I encountered  four  different people who gave me four different accounts of the mysterious creator.   Ed has his own blog and lots of photos of his  sculptures.   I have  put the address on  my blog roll.  Check it out.   He  is populating the Mainline with his sculptures.  I'm sure  everyone living on the mainline has now seen  a few of his babies.    Whenever I see  another sculpture  of  his crop up in a new  location,  it immediately makes me smile.  Thank you Ed! 


Last Saturday ( April 2, 2011), I was lucky enough to see the  musical BAT BOY  at Villanova University Theater.  The play was FANTASTIC and the cast and crew  did an incredible  job.     It was also outrageously  funny.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Michael Kane Libonati 's portrayal of  Edgar  (Bat Boy) was phenomenal.  His singing and acting blew me away.   I was inspired to create a  couple of paintings. from the musical    I have seen several  theatrical productions at Villanova.  BAT BOY  was by far the best and most satisfying  play/musical I have seen.    The paintings small – 7 x 10 inches.  Mixed media- pen and ink on 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.


Writing continues to be a challenge  for me.  I have so much to say but  writing  so much of the time feels  like swimming through peanut butter ( extra chunky), congealed  from hanging  out in the fridge.    Oh well.  


Hope you all are enjoying  the cusp of spring.  I'm excited about seeing the cherry blossoms bloom.








Bat Boy paintings










Hi Everyone!

     I’m excited about the revamping  and the updates on the website.  Thanx to my wonderful web mistress who  understands my vision and was patient with me.   A great start to 2011- Happy New Year everyone!

     Therapy can be expensive.  I think I have discovered a  free and wonderful alternative.  Although  I’m Jewish and have studied Buddhism, I was raised celebrating Christmas.   About  10 years ago,  I  noticed the mailbox  for Letters to Santa at  one of the main post offices.  I decided to write “Santa” a letter about  a relationship issue I was dealing with for many years.    I felt a sense of relief  as I dropped the sealed envelope in the box.  I realized  a few months ago that the matter I had written  about had been resolved.  So I decided to do it again.  This time, I chose a different location.   No not the post office.   My letter was totally anonymous.  I  assume I   gave  some vastly underpaid employee  ( or employees) a voyeuristic thrill into  my personal life.  As I dropped my  letter into the “mailbox” , I felt a sense of relief and “letting go” of the issue.  I don’t know when  the issue will be resolved. It might take months or years;  maybe not even  in this lifetime. However.At least in that moment, I felt  a sense of relief and feeling better than I used to feel is always a constant  goal for me.


     Speaking of this past holiday season, I  stumbled  upon more wonderful art created by children.  I was attending the  annual Paper, Book  & Scissors event at the Central Library in Philly. I wandered  into  the Children’s library and discovered  sculptures based on the characters from the Nutcracker Ballet  created by students at the Cecil B. Moore School in Philly.  I loved all the sculptures and took a ton of photos.   I  was a little sad there were two long rows of sculptures on high book shelves that were  difficult to look at from the ground.  I feel the library should have exhibited them  differently but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see them.  I have posted a few on this blog.

      I  enjoyed  the first season the HBO  series  BOARDWALK EMPIRE  .  I was  especially loving the  presence of a store front  fortune teller  who appeared briefly in one of the first few episodes.  However, in the  episode which aired   October 3, 2010,  a fortune teller  was featured giving a tarot  reading to the  character  (played  by Gretchen Mol ).  I screamed out loud  when I saw the deck  was the  Luigi Scapini Medieval  Tarot Deck.  This deck  was created  by Mr. Scapini ( a sculptor from Italy) who is very much alive.  It came out I believe in 2001.  Not during  the time period of  BOARDWALK EMPIRE .  I own  this deck and use them all the time.    The cards are gorgeous  but are not of the right time period.  I have  uploaded a photo of  my Scapini tarot cards .

     I  just finished reading  ” JUST KIDS” by Patti Smith which   won the National Book award and is a fascinating  account of her  relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe before they both achieved fame  and success.   Ms. Smith’s writing style  is so smooth and easy that I devoured it like a box of chocolates.  Reading  this book made me want to write more.   I saw an exhibit of Mr. Mapplethorpe’s photographs  at UC Berkeley Museum  in the late 80s while I was still in art school.   The  images were intense, disturbing and  haunting.

     The 1971 John Cassavette’s film MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ has been playing frequently  on cable.  When I first saw the film  ( last year), I hated it.  But  then I  watched it  several more times and I  think this film is brilliant.   I love this film  for so many reasons.   Cassavettes cast his own mother in the role of the mother of Seymour Moskowitz (  the iconic Seymour Cassel) and  Lady Rowlands, Gena Rowlands real life  mother played her mother in the film.   The film is full of humor and  Pathos.  The funniest scene of the whole film occurs in a restaurant  towards the end of the film when the main characters and their mothers all meet each other.  The film explores loneliness and  the attempts to connect to another person.   Mr.  Cassavettes   focusses on this in many  if not all of his films.   The characters in this film are  carrying  heavy  emotional baggage.   if you keep in mind that they are  struggling for   freedom from their past ( especially Gena Rowland’s character Minnie), then you begin  to see the genius of Cassavettes.  His film becomes a therapy session which  compels the characters to move forward and conquer their inner demons.   It is only  then, when Minnie  becomes empty that she can let Moskowitz into her heart.    On the superficial level I love this film for its small moments of style and fashion.   Ms. Rowlands is undoubtedly  one of the most stylish women of the cinema.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her tiny  red rose barrettes, her oversized Italian smokey tinted  sunglasses or her black turtleneck sweater  and   matching cigarette pants that she wore with ease.   Her  ensemble was  very reminiscent of  the  outfit Audrey Hepburn wore in FUNNY FACE when she did  that strange, funny dance in the  underground  boho cave nightclub  in Paris.  I also loved the giant eye mural in her apartment and the raven in trees with apples  mural in the house the character  John Cassavette ‘s character lives in.    The final scene of this film is so beautiful that it reminds me of the Sun card of the tarot deck.   Celebration with children,love, laughter and happiness in visual motion.

      As far as  cooking and eating  is concerned, this March  will mark my first year  anniversary of going meatless.  I couldn’t give  up fish and seafood.   I also decided going  Vegan  was  too extreme for me.    I’m learning to make peace with tofu.  I’m going to be honest.  I  will never love tofu-ever!  I did buy a food dehydrator and have made tofu jerky a few  batches  using a homemade Teriyaki marinade.  It tastes pretty good but not as good as real beef jerky.   I have had several  dreams of eating Korean fried chicken ( the best tasting fried chicken).    When I awoke, my pillow was covered with drool  and I felt   guilty.  My reasons for going meatless have solely been driven by health issues, not politics or morals.  I love animals but  I will probably eat chicken again at some point in the future and when I do it will be Korean fried chicken.  I don’t miss the massive amounts of  meat, pork, and lamb I used to eat.

      I love homemade  Ceasar Salad with homemade croutons.  I know this sounds a bit egotistical but  my Ceasar salad  makes me swoon.    One of the issues I was concerned about was using a raw egg in the dressing.  Luckily , I discovered an easy way to coddle ( partial cook) the egg  to avoid any i  possible health concerns.   I put the egg in a small ceramic dish  ( an  individual ramekin or a glass pyrex pudding dish).  I then put that dish in a large pot.  Meanwhile I bring a large saucepan of water to boil.  I then SLOWLY pour the water in the pot  until the ramekin and egg are completely submerged.  Timer is set for  exactly 60 seconds .  When you crack the egg, the white will look like it is just starting to form.   I add a few dashes of hot sauce into my salad dressing mixture and  I use  the best  bread i can find for the croutons ( from Metropolitan Bakery here in Philly).   I usually get a french baguette or sourdough loaf.

     Well that’s it for now.  I hope to  write this blog more frequently.

Santa and Me



Flowers in My head- original painting I made last month.Hi Everyone,I'm writing another blog which follows closely on the heels of my last blog. I keep editing and updating the last one. I ended up going to Washington D.C. on March 9th to take part in the Tibetan Rally and March for lobbying President Obama to help with the Tibetan crisis. I was early. I knew it was a good omen when I met a Tibetan Couple who lives on my old street ( what a coincidence). The weather was beautiful and sunny . The rally and subsequent March was satisfying. I pray everyday that the U.S. Government will step up to the plate and take a more active role in helping the Tibetans in Tibet . The situation is heart breaking. Free Tibet!!!!!!!!!!I meant to include the recipe for my mother's AWESOME Mondlebrot cookies ( I have seen Mondlebrot spelled several different ways on the internet). I consider it a Jewish Biscotti as it is a twice baked cookie in the shape of a biscotti only thicker. I did an internet search for other Mondlebrot recipes but my mother's recipe is by far the BEST. Warning these simple cookies are addictive. Great for dunking in coffee, tea or milk they are both moist and crunchy.Francine's Mondlebrot Cookie Recipe*1/2 lb. unsalted butter*1 cup sugar*4 Cups of  unbleached white flour*4 Eggs*Pinch of Salt*1 Teaspoon Baking Powder*1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract ( I use more as I love Vanilla)*1 Cup Toasted and Chopped Pecans ( you can substitute Walnuts but Pecans are better for this recipe)Cinnamon & sugar mix- equal parts of cinnamon powder and sugarPreheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs & Vanilla to the creamed butter & sugar mixture. In a separate bowl- Mix flour with the rest of the dry ingredients (salt & baking powder). Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Add toasted and chopped pecans. Shape the dough into two thick loafs on a baking sheet. Sprinkle cinnamon/sugar mixture on top of loaves. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes.Remove from oven and cut the loaves into pieces. Put cut up pieces on the baking sheet for another 7 to 10 minutes.Yield: about 80 pieces.**********************************I know I'm always writing about movies and DVDs to watch. I do enjoy reading. I'm currently savoring Mindy Lewis's memoir called LIFE INSIDE which chronicles her life as a teenager inside a mental institution when she was just fifteen in 1967. The way Ms. Lewis writes is engrossing. Her descriptive narrative style makes you question the whole issue of sanity. This book is brilliant. There is even a website devoted to this book ( and rightly so). Ms. Lewis is an artist in every sense of the word. A MUST READ!***************************************************************************I have refrained ( up until now) from writing about astrology or my metaphysical interests. Venus ( the planet of love and the planet which rules my sign of Taurus), is currently moving backwards starting in Aries and moving backwards to Pisces. All I can to everyone is wait to get married until after April 17th. Don't buy any big ticket items, make any new starts ( job, move) etc. If you want to contact a former love interest- go ahead and do that now if there is unresolved issues. Declutter; get rid of any old items from former flames if you are looking for new love. As I have said before, love is really an inside job so I highly encourage meditation and self reflection.Spring is almost here. I can't wait to get caught in a petal storm.Tashi Delek!Katie