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My “Tony Duquette” Copper Leaf Mystic Eye Tree

Hi Everyone!

Well it has been a few months since I have blogged. It is difficult to narrow in and talk about all the cool things I have seen in the last few months. But I will try my best to give recommendations of interesting things to watch and eat.

Back in September, I went to the last Flea Market of the year at a nearby High School. During the weekends in the summer, their huge parking lot is filled with vendors selling anything and everything. A friend came to visit me and I had long talked about the bountiful treasure hunting of Philly. A week before, I had been thinking of beefing up my money corner of the dining room with a fake plant or a small tree ( Sadly although I have 5 planets in Taurus, my green thumb is only a fantasy at this point) . At the same time, I had been also drooling over the book on artist Tony Duquette which I asked my local library to buy. They did and I have been checking it out & renewing. As I looked at all the incredible sets, furniture , jewelry etc that Mr. Duquette designed, I closed my eyes for a moment and wished I could have something that would resemble one of his creations in my house- in my money corner ( Feng Shui). Around the same time I had the thought I would like something made out of copper since the metal for my sign Taurus is Copper. I let both thoughts go. Well getting back to the Flea Market ( which was 2 weeks after my wish thought), I was walking around looking when I spotted an enormous, vintage ( I dated it from the mid to late 60s), almost 7 foot tall copper tree with the copper leaves. In addition to that, the leaves looked like eyes ( too cool!). A few years back, I had bought some items from the same seller. She remembered me. I knew as soon as I saw " The Tree", I knew I had to have it. But Mercury, the planet of communication and money was retrograde on this day. I pondered the purchase. The price of $40 was ridiculously LOW. It wasn't about the money. It was the idea of being more stuff into my house. I have this ongoing battle with clutter & stuff. My friend who was with me, knows this. We have had previous discussions on "stuff" and getting rid of it- for spiritual reasons. Stuff clogs up your living space but it definitely can clog up your life. I want to have a flowing life. Since my friend and I both study Buddhism, I realized at that moment, I need to actually let go of my fixation. Within 5 minutes of spotting this tree, a random material object, I realized I had become obsessed. Obsessed with having it- wanting to possess it. When I find things- especially one of a kind things, I want it.

Well to make a long story short, the tree has become mine. The tree has become an evolving art project. I keep adding items to it's branches and leaves. To me the tree symbolizes the manifestation of a wish. I have dubbed this my Wish Tree.

A few days ago ( Valentine's Day), I was driving Philly. My goal was to find cool Valentine's day windows. I knew just where to go- South Philly. I have uploaded a few of my favorite windows. The last two windows are actually from a stationary store in Bala Cynwyd.

.Valentine’s Day Picture Window- Somewhere in South Phillyvdaywindow21.jpgvdaywindow31.jpgBala Cynwyd Valentine’s Day Window #1Bala Cynwyd Valentine’s Window#2
Now on to films: I have seen several of the Oscar nominated films and the theme for most of them is about INTENSITY. I highly recommend THE WRESTLER with Mickey Rourke & Marisa Tomei. If Mr. Rourke doesn't win for BEST ACTOR, I will be very upset. Ms. Tomei was very good too. I feel Kate Winslet must win this year for THE READER . I saw REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and she was good in that film but THE READER is in a catagory all by itself.

My DVD film recommendations are as follows:

A must see documentary A MAN CALLED PEARL ( available on DVD) about self taught outsider artist/ topiary sculptor landscape architect genius Pearl Fryar. Even if you aren't into plants, this documentary will open your eyes to the power of LOVE and the ripple effect of obsession and devotion. An ordinary man who turn some dead and discarded plants from his local nursery into a three and half acre wonderland will leave you filled with a restored faith in man kind and miracles. I give this documentary my highest rating!

Two more documentaries about obsession on DVD worth watching CRAZY LOVE( 2007) about the real life relationship between Linda & Burt Pugach. I actually remember finding the book in our home growing up ( my mother obsessively collected books) that Berry Stainbeck wrote about their relationship called " A VERY DIFFERENT LOVE STORY" ( 1976) when I was 13 or 14. I read the dust jacket and quickly dropped the book; recoiling in horror. If you are looking for a feel-good romantic documentary- this isn't it. But I am fascinated with male-female relationships ( blame it on all my planets in Taurus being in the 7th house of relationships) so this documentary & story is so fascinating to me. Sick but fascinating. This documentary should be seen with some friends or a group as it will promote a heavy group discussion. This is definitely a DVD that will make you think.
If CRAZY LOVE is not what looking for in a love obsession documentary than you might like MY DATE WITH DREW ( 2004). This is Brian Herzlinger's hilarious documentary about trying to get a date with Actress Drew Barrymore in 30 days. This documentary is really about a unconscious spiritual journey and is great for anyone who has been pushing or pulling for a goal. The documentary for me, personally is a gentle reminder that after taking action, it important to LET GO. I think Mr. Herzlinger is really cute and now that Ms. Barrymore is single again, she just might want to watch this documentary ( again)- just kidding! This documentary will leave you feeling good- happy.

Before I end this blog which has taken months to write, I will talk a wee bit about food.

I have been watching many episodes of Anthony Bourdain's NO RESERVATIONS and Andrew Zimmern's BIZARRE FOODS on the travel channel. Both are very entertaining and informative shows. I can come out now with one of my secret food (dare I say obsessions?)- I love marrow bones and have since I was a kid. Anthony Bourdain proclaiming Veal marrow bones would be included in his last meal request has given me the courage to second that desire. Having discovered I had a severe B12 vitamin deficiency a few months ago, I have happily increased my meat consumption ( sorry Peta) along with B12 shots from my doctor, I have regained my energy ( about 60% as I write this blog).

*Update: March 1, 2009- Well I'm sad Mickey didn't win the Oscar for THE WRESTLER ( I haven't seen MILK so I can't comment on Sean Penn's performance) as I knew his acceptance speech would be off the wall. A few nights ago, I caught most of the Independent Spirit Awards on IFC ( repeat) and saw Mickey's hilarious acceptance 6 minute speech for winning BEST ACTOR ( for the WRESTLER). I was laughing so hard I was crying and peeing in my pants. Right before that, was the side splitting performance by Rainn Wilson as Mickey's character in the Wrestler singing a parody of the film to the tune of James Brown's I FEEL GOOD. Both these film clips are on If you are needing to laugh, go to YOUTUBE now and type in "Song Wrestler Spirit Awards". I recommend watching the clip of Rainn Wilson first as Mickey refers to him in his speech. I'd like to thank Rainn and Mickey for making have to do extra laundry. I'm still laughing about both performances. To appreciate how funny it is you should see THE WRESTLER first before seeing the clips. I don't know who was responsible for the parody song & dance numbers at the Independent Spirit Awards but the person or people are GENIUS- pure GENIUS! By the way I feel an extra kinship with Mickey as we both have chihuahuas. I was sad to hear his Chihuahua Loki passed away a week before the Oscars. Everytime there has been a nominee whose relative passes right before the Oscars, they always seem to win. Wish Loki had that kind of influence.

I keep adding to this blog. Forgot to mention a film recommendation currently playing in Independent move theaters now which I saw ON DEMAND on cable. TWO LOVERS with Joaquin Phoenix is a must see film. Loved it. I'm definitely not a big Gwenyth Paltrow fan but she is good in this film. Vinessa Shaw is good too.

March 10th is coming up and I will be Marching for Tibet. Free Tibet!

Tashi Delek,


My Dog is Way Cuter Than Your Baby Painting

Happy May Day! May is my favorite month- o.k. I love this month because it’s my birthday month.

Several weeks ago I went to get my driver’s license renewed. Of course they asked me on the touch screen if I wanted to be an organ donor. I said yes.

I recently read about a man who just committed suicide. He had received the heart many years ago from a much younger man who had committed suicide too. That coincidence was odd. What was very weird about the story was the second man ending up marrying the widow of the man whose heart he had received. Man number one also drank beer. Man number two never drank beer until after receiving man#1’s heart- then he got a craving for beer. There is a phenomenon called “cell memory” where the organ of someone has things stored in it like pain, happiness, cravings etc.The recipient of an organ transplant will frequently take on the characteristics of the previous person the organ originally came from.

Heaven help the person or persons who receive my organs. They will develop a craving for Disco music, Red Vines, Korean fried chicken. They will get weird food cravings, decide to cook the food they are craving and after all that, not want to eat it in the end. They won’t put up with people who are posers. They will have a love of animals, astrology and want to spend lots of time in nature, etc. etc.

A few years ago I went on a trip to New Orleans and stopped in THE BOTTOM OF THE CUP TEA ROOM – a famous psychic parlor in the French quarter. The woman who read my tarot cards told me I was living out an Asian past life in this lifetime ( I BELIEVE IT!). What is odd is when my mother was pregnant with me ( back in the 60s), she couldn’t eat Chinese food. Then, one day she and my father were taking a walk and she suddenly developed a craving for Chinese food. Unfortunately, on the way to the restaurant my mother started having labor pains. 24 hours later, I was born via C- Section. My birthday is coming up very soon. I can’t believe I’m going to be 44. Thank God my family has great genes. I’m not one of those women who lie about my age or who fake things. I bought myself an early birthday present- a Tempurpedic Symphony Memory foam Pillow ( it retails for $99 but with a 20% coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond it ends up being around $84 with tax). I had been sleeping on a cheaper neck memory foam pillow which I had bought years ago for half the price. It was terrible. I thought I was being clever-saving some money buying a different brand ( not Tempurpedic). Big mistake! sometimes you have to spend money for quality items. Just in the last few days, I have been sleeping so much better.

Speaking of food, I finally was able to satisfy an obsession ( of sorts). It started last year when I read about OREOs Cereal (POST) on AMAZON dot com. Amazon for those of you who don’t know have a large grocery section of various food products. I ‘m not a huge cereal lover but sometimes I get a crunchy craving or a sweet/crunchy craving. As I was surfing the various cereals, I discovered Kellogg’s Fruit Harvest with Strawberries and blueberries. Amazon sells this cereal – a 4 pack for $15.05 plus shipping. I went on a fruitless search ( no pun intended) to all the local grocery stores. No luck. On Saturday, I just happened to be at a Walmart and found it. I have to agree with the reviewers on Amazon- it is really good- sweet and crunchy. As for the Post’s brand of Oreo’s cereal, I found that at my local Rite Aid. Soon after, they either sold out or stopped carrying Oreo’s cereal. It is a great cereal- especially if you get weird cravings. The cereal kind of tastes like a hard, crunchy not-too-sweet brownie. With whole organic milk it is divine. A great PMS food!

I also made my first batch of Koolickles. Koolickles are dill pickles soaked in Kool Aid- it is a Southern thing. I know it sounds yucky but the taste sensation of sweet, sour and crunchy is great. I got the recipe off the internet. I felt bad about using Kool -Aid because it is full of red dye number two. I probably could have substituted kool aid with a natural jello mix, sugar and a strawberry oil flavor or something along those lines. I probably won’t be making Koolickles again for a long time ( as I do suffer from allergies and I usually avoid foods with dye in them) but it was fun making them. The longer ( more days) they soak the better. The recipe says soak them for at least 24 hours but I would advise soaking them for at least 72 hours before eating.

Today- April 30th I just listed a new painting on eBAY. I am loading up a photo of it to this blog. The title is ” MY DOG IS WAY CUTER THAN YOUR BABY”. This painting is inspired by a real life event . A friend build and stretched the canvas. I used acrlic paints and Deco paint pens . If the painting doesn’t sell, I will be happy to keep it. It is very cool ( in my opinion). Little Miss Sunshine is on her way to fame and fortune as a painting I made of her ( not this one) will be exhibited this summer in a gallery. I am so proud of her.

Well I was going to give some film and DVD recommendations here but I will save it for the next blog.

Tashi Delek,