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About Katie Pfeiffer

Katie Pfeiffer Born in 1964, I began making art in 1985. My early pieces were Thurberesque drawings mixed with freaky pictures of celebrities with funny captions.

I had a "Flashdance" experience when I made an appointment with the San Francisco Art Institute to look at my drawings and they accepted me to the school on the spot. After graduating in 1989 from SFAI I have continued to make and sell art.

I explore relationships and my emotional state to achieve a state of peace. I consider myself an aspiring Buddhist and have been fortunate enough to do volunteer work for His Holiness the Dalai Lama over the years.

I am a self taught cook. I also am a huge animal lover, and live with my chihuahua, "Little Miss Sunshine," and two cats.

I love going to thrift stores, flea markets, yard & church sales in search of cool & unusual items.

I also enjoy anything kitsch, & find inspiration in burlesque shows, films & my collection of vintage children's books.

You can check out my eBAY auctions under my seller name: Kitsch*me*Kate.