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Fifteen fresh digital images have been added to the site. You can see them in the Digital Art gallery.
Face 2017 by Katie Pfeiffer

Katie's debut children's picture e-book:
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Artist's Statement:

My goal or artistic process is to examine personal relationships and feelings in a humorous way using a multitude of imagery from everywhere. I like to blend found imagery with my drawing and painting to create something new. I look to imagery made for children as well as stickers to capture and express a child-like perspective on "Adult" subjects.

I am interested in commenting on the stereotypes which exist in female and male relationships as well as exploring the mysteries of my own perceptions and desires. I want my art to envelop the viewer with color, humor and feeling.

In the past few years I have started to explore the relationship of light and dark and their association with positive and negative emotions. I also have put together several collections of "ugly" paintings with text which explore my personal relationships with men, family and people in my life. All my art is original.


Katie's book, LULU LOOKS FOR LOVE is now available!

A digital picture book, LULU features a lonely cow who, accompanied by a winged cat as her guide, searches for love in all sorts of exotic places, until she finally finds it - in the most unexpected place of all.

LULU LOOKS FOR LOVE features 17 of Katie's charming illustrations - and has a great message for kids and adults alike. Read reviews and purchase LULU here.

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