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Hi Everyone!
I  saw some incredible collages by Romare Bearden ( whom I have previously mentioned). He is one of my favorite African American artists. He had influenced my work as an artist. Where did I see his work? A museum? An art gallery? In a book? Nope. In a department store. Macys to be specific. Macys???? Yes.!  A  few nights ago the Center City Philadelphia Macys hosted a special opening to celebrate Black History month and  what   would have been Romare Bearden's 100th birthday (  his date of  birth  was September 2, 1911  so this year he  would have been 101. Two of his collages are on view at the Center City Philadelphia Macys until Monday, February 19th and then the art travels to Washington D.C. It has already been exhibited at the New York City Macys. Macys is also having a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to Paris. I applaud the fact that Macys has partnered with the Romare Bearden Foundation to exhibit Mr. Bearden's work. Art and commerce are the perfect marriage.     The exhibit  also  features  collage  art  by other artists who were heavily influenced by Mr.  Bearden.  Artworks by  Juan Sanchez, Arian Huang, Michael Harris, & Tomie Arai  were included in the  exhibit.   For more information about the  schedule of where you can see  Mr. Bearden's work at other Macy's  locations, please  visit the Macys website or the Romare Bearden foundation at  I have included their  website on  my blogroll too!  And  although I mentioned this  in a previous blog entry , I will mention it  again.   Mr. Bearden created  mind blowing watercolor paintings for  the opening  credits of the  John Cassavete's  1980 film  GLORIA .  The   watercolor paintings by Mr. Bearden  worth  renting or buying the film ( although I love  the film too- Gena Rowlands  deserved an Oscar for her  performance in my opinion.