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It has been a long- time goal of mine to start documenting my  personal style on my blog. My vision was inspired  in part by my fashion bible, CHEAP CHIC, Tavi Gevinson, Style Maven Iris Apfel, a woman in Narberth I call Narberth Iris (Apfel) and another woman I met at a Dalai Lama teaching .  My style is a work in progress; constantly evolving due to my thrift store finds, my  cultural experiences ,travels and moods.

I think there is a big difference between fashion and personal style. I also feel that just because everyone is wearing a certain designer or a specific piece of clothing, that  that alone does not constitute fashion.For me, fashion is  timeless.  A dress made in the 60s could be worn now and look fresh. My personal style can be summed in the  following way: colorful, ironic, vintage, handmade, fun, comfortable and eclectic.

I grew up in the 70s on a steady diet of SEVENTEEN, MADAMOISELLE, GLAMOUR and VOGUE magazines.  I never really found clothing  I wanted to wear in the magazines  of  that time period. Around the age of 15, I started making trips to San Francisco and would visit the Esprit factory outlet and various small boutiques. This is when I started dressing for myself. A geisha print white sweat shirt, a black pleated wool skirt, white tights with black Japanese characters, oversized red plastic ball earrings, Mary Jane shoes and red lipstick was characteristic of the way I liked to dress in high school.  Sadly, someone  else who was popular  stole my look and won the title of  fashion trend setter  in the  high school yearbook.

Growing up, I had a huge aversion to shopping for clothes at thrift stores for reasons I do not wish to discuss.  I’m  not skinny , and   my  poor body image kept me  from being bold and daring. When I entered art school, I started to give myself more permission to be who I was, and it dawned on me that what I wore was an extension of myself as an artist.   I overcame my distaste for thrift stores when I moved to Philadelphia  in  the early 90s. Finding cool vintage clothes in Philly is like shooting fish in a barrel. Seriously, if you love thrift stores and vintage clothing, move to Philly.

As soon as I buy a piece of clothing, it goes straight into the washing machine or to the dry cleaner . Oxyclean is King in my house. I’ve been able to perform miracles with it. I fear no stain or yellowing fabric. I love children’s graphic prints, pajamas pants, and African textiles ( to name but a few of my style influences.). Unlike Iris Apfel, I don’t wear a lot of accessories. The jewelry I wear usually has spiritual properities. You will never see me without a Hamsa necklace.  I dress for comfort. I do like to smell nice, so scent is a must for me ( as mentioned in a previous blog). Depending on what I’m wearing, I will change my scent O.k. now  on to my outfits in this entry. Photo #1.

Outfit #1- Vintage Shark T shirt  Dr. Seuss Mens Pajamas- One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Outfit #1- Vintage Shark T shirt Dr. Seuss Mens Pajamas- One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

I call this ensemble “Fishing”. The t-shirt is vintage- a giant shark with its mouth open. I bought it for $2 at the Uhuru Flea Market in Clark Park ( West Philly). I love this t-shirt. I love the fit and the cotton is soft. The pants are soft cotton mens “pajama pants”, Dr. Seuss-One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” .  I bought these at Target several years ago for around $17. I love the pop art colors and the fact these pants have pockets. When I wear these pants out in public, children will squeal and point at me and their mothers will smile.  My shoes are Mens fisherman sandals which I purchased at DSW for around $40. Fisherman sandals are great for so many reasons. They cover your whole foot but allow it to breathe in the summer. They are wonderful walking shoes. Most sandals are not great for walking and leave feet vunerable  to injury. Lastly, these sandals are great for people who have ugly feet or toenail issues. The straps are velcro. My feet feel secure in these sandals.

Neo 80s- Grace Jones Hand silk screen cotton crop tank top  from Philadelphia Print Center paired with a  short flared retro children's print skirt  by Wally & Bebop

Neo 80s- Grace Jones Hand silk screen cotton crop tank top from Philadelphia Print Center paired with a short flared retro children’s print skirt by Wally & Bebop

Outfit #2 is a crop tank top with a hand printed image of  a punk Grace Jones- nice soft sheer cotton. I bought this item from Uhuru Flea Market also. It was made by someone at the Philadelphia Print Center and there were other incredible t shirts at the table, all handmade by various Philly artists. I paid $20 for  the tank top. The short flared skirt is one of my most prized possessions. A retro- inspired children’s happy print featuring colorful cute bears, birds, rabbits, snails, little blond girls, carrots, apples, mushrooms, flowers & trees. The skirt  was  handmade in NYC by Wally & Bebop. They sell at the Rittenhouse Craft Show which occurs every year in early May. The skirt was $50. The look is kind of neo 80s. I have a tummy and a big chest, but I love this outfit nevertheless.

Classic me- My own  Hamsa  designed t shirt  from Zazzle  paired  with  funky African  pants  with a  red horse motif.

Classic me- My own Hamsa designed t shirt from Zazzle paired with funky African pants with a red horse motif.

Outfit #3 is classic me. I designed the pop art hamsa t – shirt. The image originates  from an original painting I made on an old wooden  kitchen cutting board.  I digitally changed the image and had it printed by Zazzle. You can purchase it here:

I cut off the arms of the t shirt. It is a mens large. Nice soft cotton. The pants are African; red horses with black outlines on a yellow background. The pants have pockets and a drawstring waist. I found these pants in the West Village NYC. A guy had a stall and was selling African pants. I bought these for $20. African clothing and textiles are HOT!!!! I have several pairs of African pants and a few dresses & daishikis. Ironically the ODUNDE festival just happened yesterday ( June 8th), but all you fashionistas- mark your calendars now for 2015. Odunde is a huge annual African street festival in Philadelphia which spans many blocks.   It features tons of wonderful clothing and textile vendors, as well as beads and jewelry vendors. African street faires are the perfect place to find unique handmade clothing if you desire to be an OOAK ( one of a kind) and develop your own personal style.

A Statue of David Tank top  found  at Buffalo Exchange compliments the skinny  orange vintage Halloween "eyes" pajama  pants.

A Statue of David Tank top found at Buffalo Exchange compliments the skinny orange vintage Halloween “eyes” pajama pants.

Outfit #4 – I love anything with the Statue of David on it. This cotton tank top is no exception. This is a mens cotton tank top with a photographic of David and the caption “NEVER NUDE”. I found it at Buffalo Exchange. I thought it was a little pricey at $14, but I had to have it.  The pants are vintage ( 90s!) Old Navy orange Halloween “eyes” pajama pants  which I  bought  on eBAY  for $5. They are form- fitting and people always comments that “ it isn’t Halloween” when I wear them.  Oh really? I had no idea.


Thank you to  my crew  who  helped make this  blog entry possible.  You know who  you are  and I really appreciate your help. I’m opening up this blog entry for comments. I would love to hear about your personal style and anectdote  on your beloved pieces of clothing.

Love, Katie     meditationphotojune9.jpg

Trio of Mini Skull Paintings @ GoreyFest AuctionI haven’t written a blog for awhile. I wanted to let everyone know you can bid on a special trio of mini skull paintings I created especially for the Edward Gorey House 7th annual Gorefest Auction.   The event – the live auction is  happening October4, 2008.  For more information go to:

The three tiny skull paintings I made were done in a Victorian Gothic style as Mr. Gorey emulated this style in his work. The paintings come with their own wood stand. The money raised from the auction benefits The Edward Gorey House Museum and animal charity they work with. I do not profit from this auction. Like I said in my last blog, The Edward Gorey House Museum in Old Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts was such a fun and artistically inspiring museum.

As summer turns into fall, I find myself going through my vast cookbook collection and searching for recipes online. I love comfort foods in the winter. Well I love comfort foods all the time. I have started making cold food dishes a wee bit early. This week I made ( for the 1st time) a cream of crab, asparagus and mushroom soup. I used fresh asparagus and four different kinds of mushrooms from the Farmer’s market. I did not follow a recipe but I usually don’t unless I’m baking. I am getting ready to try my hand at making bread; specifically sourdough bread that tastes like the kind I grew up eating in the Bay Area. Every Christmas Eve, I now make Cioppino ( which is an Italian fish stew in a tomato broth base with white wine, basil and garlic). My mother would make it once a year and we always had it with Colombo Sourdough bread. Last year I was so desperate for some authentic sourdough bread to accompany my Cioppino I ordered 2 round loaves via Boudin Bakery. It was worth the $30 with shipping for the bread. Toasted with butter, it was the perfect companion to my Cioppino. I will be making my own sourdough starter. I still need to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer with a bread hook. I am happy to say I finally manifested a long-wished for kitchen item; a vintage glass Pyrex double boiler which I found at the Hamilton Porch Sale in Powelton Village last weekend. Yes, I realize I could have easily bought one on eBAY but the one I found was only $4. Now when I make my Grand Marnier Souffles, it will be much easier.

O .k. let me digress to some art crap now. The Mark Dion show which was hyped up to the max at Bartram’s garden ( show runs thru December) was basically an artsy -boho guy who got a huge Pew grant to take a road trip and go thrift stores and flea markets in the South . I already did that 10 years ago but didn’t get any money for it. Still the exhibit is kind of cute and interesting to me as I like specimens that he put in glass jars and opening up the various curio cabinets. The best part of my tour of the exhibit was my substitute tour guide ( I won’t be naming names here). The person ( a non- artist) was hilarious as they told me all the gossip about the show and basically saw the art world for what it is- gimmicks and hype ( the words of the tour guide). Yes I think we are definitely in the age of “Emperor’s New Clothes” in many cultural and political ways. Why is some worthy if they look a certain way, dress a certain way, have lots of money or speak eloquently without a track record or actions to back up their words? I tend these days to look at a person’s actions, not their words. But that’s just me. I prefer being around Buddhists ( or Buddhist minded people) over artists because they are kind and down to earth . I guess this makes me seem like a snob. But to continue with art stuff- I also managed to see the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner exhibit called Berlin Street Scenes and the huge “( Salvador) Dali in Film” exhibit at MOMA. Fantastic, wonderful, full of soul, inspiring, overwhelming- these are a few adjectives that I felt while looking at Kirchner’s paintings and Dali’s paintings and films. After seeing the exhibits, I headed over to Takashimaya and had high tea. I chose the East West Tea service- a combination of British and Japanese delicacies served in such a beautiful way, that the plate was pure art. Takashimaya is to me what Tiffanys was to Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast At Tiffanys”. It is a store- five floors of exquisite luxury items that aren’t essential to ones survival but as a woman with five planets in Taurus, the store represents my ultimate materialistic fantasies of beauty under one roof.

So it is obvious that now as the weather turns colder I become obsessed with handmade wool scarves, sweaters and hats. I continue my my search for the ultimate purse. I love the purse/slouch bag/tote that Michelle Pfeiffer had in the films “FRANKIE AND JOHNNY” and the one she used in “ONE FINE DAY”. They both were huge bags, leather and from the looks of it, Made in Italy.

Tashi Delek,