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April 10. 2012

My blog continues with a focus on Taurus related stuff. Since Venus the planet of love and beauty rules Taurus and I have 5 planets in Taurus in my 7th house of marriage and partnerships, I want to mention some great books about relationships. These books are mostly geared towards relationships between men and women.

The first book I want to mention is A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets for Drawing Your True Love into Your Life by Jessica Shepherd. I was shocked,delighted and relieved to finally find this book. This book is the REAL DEAL as it helps the reader on their journey to finding true love. I have read so many crappy self help books targeting desperate women wanting a male loaded with pure bullshit advice. Forget any other book you’ve read and buy this book right now! Love is a journey and sometimes the road is rocky. It is a journey that involves self reflection and honesty. Bottom line, love is an inside job. Ms. Shepherd discusses how so many women just accept whatever male crosses their path for a long term relationship and in many cases marriage. Ultimately accepting whatever crosses your path ends up hurting the woman. Love is not a consolation prize. Relationships are sacred. I personally know of several women who have entered into relationships with men because of convenience. Sadly, these women had low self esteem and really felt like they didn’t deserve to have someone they really liked. Several of these women experience abuse, cheating or major disappointment. Ms. Shepherd lays out the groundwork to change one’s belief and patterns concerning relationships and attraction. I have received a fortune (from a fortune cookie) on several occasions which reads ” Our first and last love is self love”. So True. So True.

Let’s say you are a single woman ( working on self) and of course dating men. This next book
is a wonderful book for the woman who knows a little bit about astrology and isn’t quite sure about the man she is dating.He’s Just Not in the Stars: Wicked Astrology and Uncensored Advice for Getting the (Almost) Perfect Guy by Jenni Kosarin is a wonderful book for the woman who is dating or looking for love. If you understand the basic planets and can figure out where the man you’re dating has his Sun (easy) and Venus in his chart, you will learn the way he operates and how he views women.I really do believe this book will help women avoid Mr. Wrong.

The last book I want to mention is North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose by Elizabeth Spring M.A. I discovered Ms. Spring on the internet when I was searching for information on Plutonian based relationships ( see my poem “GROUNDHOG DAY” in a previous blog for that relationship). Ms. Spring has helped me understand my problematic Plutonian relationship. I finally bought this book on North Nodes which makes my situation crystal clear ( at least to me). This book is for the person who has studied astrology and has a basic understanding of their own astrological chart. This is a great book which explores past lives and karmic relationships.

Since I’m on the subject of books. Here are two more of my favorite books. One is a children’s book The Thank-You Book by Francoise. I found this book in a used bookstore many years ago. Francoise ( whose full name is Francoise Seignobosc) wrote and illustrated a number of books that are for both children and adults. THE THANK YOU BOOK is the original book about gratitude. New Age authors are all now scrambling to write and publish books about the subject of being grateful. You only need this book. This is the kind of book anyone of any age can enjoy.

The last book I’m going to mention is another one of my most treasured possessions. Leaves in the Sun by Yuki was written in 1971 by a young Japanese man named Yuki. The book goes beyond Haiku. With it’s simple line drawings,this book expresses longing,loneliness,hope,joy and love. This book is romantic without being sappy. It reminds me of a good Beatles song you listen to over and over and never get tired of hearing. This book makes my heart soar every time I read it. Both these books make great presents to loved ones of any age or sex.


Valentine’s Day rolled sugar cookiesWell Valentine’s Day is coming up this week. I thought I would mention the fact that last week I made homemade rolled sugar cookies and used my new Wilton Cookie cutter set to make heart shaped cookies which had the words “LOVE” and “BE MINE” in the center. I tweaked the recipe I found online for the “best rolled sugar cookies” and added several magical ingredients. I couldn’t believe the recipe called for only 1 teaspoon of Vanilla. I doubled that and then added lemon rind, orange flower water and Moroccan Rose water. The end result is a magical taste that is just right. Several of the ingredients I added to tweak the recipe have love properities in them. I photographed a few of them on a red glitter heart shaped plate ( see photo). I think I gained several pounds- God they were good!

Speaking of love cookies , I have found several recipes on the internet for a Sri Lanka Love Cake. Here is one link:

I haven’t tried this out yet, but this recipe is bursting with love ingredients. I would probably alter it some more by adding cinnamon and crystalized ginger instead of Pineapple. Also A cake which has coconut, cherries and lemon is good for love. So many possibilities. I’m thinking of a lemon pound cake with a coconut and Maraschino cherry frosting or a coconut cake with dried cherries and a lemon glaze. I discovered Whole Foods sells maraschino cherries without the horrible & toxic red dye no.2 and they also sell love tea ( name and brand) in the tea section. A quick look at the ingredients show even more herbs and ingredients in the love tea that have historical love drawing properities- orange peel, licorice etc.

Within in the last two weeks, I have discovered two fascinating people both with the first name Florence ( a coincidence?). The first I read about in the Philadelphia Inquirer is Florence Foster Jenkins. Whose life was made into a documentary called “A WORLD OF HER OWN” ( the DVD is available on AMAZON) and a play written about her life in 2001 called “SOUVENIR” . Florence Foster Jenkins (1868November 26, 1944) was an American soprano who became famous for her complete lack of rhythm, pitch, tone, and overall singing ability. I wonder if her fame was the result of being somewhat of a “joke” or was she mentally ill ? ( delusions of grandeur). I emailed Netflix and asked them to carry this DVD for rental. I hope they will buy it. It would make a great double feature with ” GREY GARDENS”.

The second Florence I discovered is Florence Broadhurst. ( 1899- 1977) She was a famous AUstralian wallpaper and fabric designer who didn’t start her designing career until she was in her 60s. I just saw the documentary on her life by Australian director Gillian Armstrong (“MY BRILLIANT CAREER”) called “UNFOLDING FLORENCE” on the IFC channel. I felt an immediate connection because I lived in Australia for a year and did an apprenticeship in fabric silk screen and design. Both these women led fascinating lives. The DVD of Florence Broadhurst is not available in U.S. format yet. You can find it on eBAY for the U.K. region and if you have a DVD player that is code free, you can get it. Netflix has ordered the DVD on Florence Broadhurst .

The last Florence I am mentioning in this blog is someone I consider to be a teacher; Florence Scovel Shinn. She was an artist ( trained at the Pennsylvania Academy) who later became a famous metaphysics ( New thought) teacher. She was married to Ashcan painter Everett Shinn . They divorced because she did not want children but had a very close life long friendship. She wrote several books on spirituality and dealing with life. Her most famous book – “THE GAME OF LIFE AND HOW TO PLAY IT” is a must own for everyone on the planet. I have seen some of her artwork in books and she possessed equal talent as an artist and a metaphysics teacher. In a future blog I will be writing about my favorite books which deal with “new thought”, creative visualization and positive thinking.

I would like to end this blog with a dvd suggestion. There is a connection to Valentine’s Day. To me, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. However, without self love- really loving and accepting yourself how can you expect others to love you? This is why I strongly recommend BUYING Louise Hay’s ” HEAL YOUR LIFE” the movie. It is available on at The extended version which is about $25 comes with 2 DVDs and includes affirmations and extra interviews. Louise Hay has been called the mother of positive thinking but that title is misleading. Ms. Hay is really an advocate of affirmations and mirror work to change one’s thinking and develop self love so you can heal your life. I highly recommend her book ” HEAL YOUR LIFE” or anything else she has written or spoken. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tashi Delek,